I haven't been playing guitar that long and decided to give writing a shot. It's the beginning of a somewhat fast metal song. I think it sounds ok, but I would like some criticism on it and ideas on where I should take it next. I'm somewhat at a wall. I'll try to crit for crit.

EDIT: Please note that this is not a complete song. I'm just wondering how/if I can/should persue finishing it.
Columns of Fire.zip
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it was alright. i enjoyed it in some parts and other parts seemed like there was too much going on. It seemed like something I'd hear from Avenged Sevenfold (if thats what you were going for then you succeeded).

i liked how the guitars played off of eachother in spots..but once again...some spots were very confusing, with a little too much going on.

dont always feel obligated to have the rhythem guitar playing something cool, so instead of always having it play cool little licks, try toning it down a little.

also...in my opinion...the bass didnt seem like it fit that well. once again too much going on for me.

all in all..i enjoyed listening to the song and i thought it was quite cool some parts, but one thing to take into consideration is that the band needs to work together as a team to make the song sound good. if they are all trying to hog the spotlight with cool riffs, it might sound awesome to the songwriter but very confusing and spastic to the listener.

sorry for the rant. but i wanted to give you an honest opinion
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