not bad. What kind of people are in the audience?
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Its good man, i liked it.

The old man dancing in the front has some moves.
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Quote by seymourdimazio
it was done at my girlfriends 18th party a few montths back. so there relatives, friends, some are complete strangers etc.

also when you say tele what do you mean??

telecaster guitar probably but its nto even a telecaster its a strat
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telecaster guitar probably but its nto even a telecaster its a strat

no its either a jaguar or tornado
pretty nice man. I love how its all like bad video camera quality like most hendrix videos. makes it that much better and vintage like. sweet job though. looks like you had fun.
it looks like it could be a jag or showmaster
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the bass player needs to dance some more than it would be pretty close to where its at.
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Nice job, 7/10
I am wondering, did the bass player break his string during the show, cuz all of a sudden i saw this string hanging off the headstock...
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... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
im sorry to say that i didnt like it, i thought the singing was really bad, and the guitar was okay. 6/10