Well people i took the strings off my guitar and the bridge pin fell out. heres a pic for u all

Its still in warrenty. It goes back in but its extremely wobbily and just falls back out. What should i do. Will the guitar shop replace the guitar for me or what. I am in tyhe recording studio sat so i need it sorted asap
When you string up it won't be too safe I wouldn't think (it could come out) and it will kill your sustain too. I'd say take it back.
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Send it back. They'll just glue it in, so make sure they extend the warranty to cover the repair so when it falls out again they sort it properly.

Nice top on that, by the way!
hehe ty. I need it sorted soon as. If they offer to replace it im going to get a Epiphone Les Paul Custom being as its the same price as i paid for this 6 months ago
They aren't going to replace it.

They'll just fix it back on or put on a new bridge, at most.
whered you buy it,you can mabye exchange it there
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Teflon tape, a cloth, and a rubber mallet will be your friends.

Tape off the the place where the bridge pin goes into the body.
Place where desired.
Put cloth over bridge pin.
Tap into place with rubber mallet onto cloth.

Should do the trick.