I was looking for a tube amp for at home practise and mabye some gigs and I was thinking about getting a Peavey Valve King. Its in my price range and I heard its pretty versitile (i mainly play metal) but has great gain. Is this information correct or is there another better tube amp in the same price range for me?
You will need an OD pedal to do metal with it. It doesn't have enough gain alone. It will be loud enough for gigs also. Other tube amps in that price range would be fenders which aren't really meant for metal. If you save up a little more, you could get a used 5150/6505 or an XXX.
Those other amps you listed are almost twice the price of the valveking which I don't have the patience to save up for. Would I get a good enough sound out of the valveking with a OD pedal? Mabye even equivilent of the XXX?
I play one today and I dont tihkn you'd need a pedal for it.
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there arent many possibiliteis for a high gain tube amp for that price range. a friend of mine has one and i kinda liked it, though i dont play metal that much. i think it had quite alot of gain and he doesnt use any pedals with it.
I didn't think the valvekings were all-tube. They're hybrids, right?

Excuse that. Musician's Friend says it's all tube. I stand corrected.
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Used... you can get a used 5150 or XXX on ebay or from someoen for like $500 bucks. I said used in the first post. Read it.
A friend of mine had a Mesa Rectoverb 2x12 and he used it at gigs. He ended up blowing the voicecoil because he had his gain at 9 or 10 and his volume at about 8. We play metalcore so, I wouldn't advise buying with the valveking. I was going to get a valveking head to play with, but went with the 6505+ Head and love it. So I think you should try out the 6505 2x12. But that may be a bit pricey.

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I've got a Valveking 112. It's a nice amp for the money. It sounds nice on its own and you can get a wide variety of tones from classic to hard rock , but you'll need an OD pedal to push it into metal territory. I use a Maxon OD-09 and a Boss equalizer on mine and I can get metal tones out of it.
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does your friend play metal?

yeah. it works well for metal im sure
eh i dunno, i played a valve king and i hated it, i like my solid state a lot better actually.
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