1. I just got an unfinished ash strat body. I've never worked with ash and I didn't realize how soft it is. I got some wood filler to fill in the grain but I want to do some designs on it with a woodburning tool. Would it work to fill the grain first and then burn the wood? Wouldnt the wood filler not burn the same as the wood? There are some parts where it is really grainy and it is way too soft to use the woodburning tool there so I was thinking of filling it first...anyone follow? What should i do?

2. I am going to install a wilkinson floating trem bridge but i have no idea how to. I cant find any instructions anywhere. All i have to do is drill 2 holes for the posts which will be easy, it's just I'm not sure how deep to make them and stuff. any advice there would be great. thanks
i wouldnt do the wood burning, it may turn out horrible and you will have a ruined body. as for the floating trem make sure the posts are perfectly lined up, it wont matter if you drill em too deep cause you can just screw them up.

im currently going to put a floating trem on my project, since i do not want to mess it up im going to have some guys im friends with at the local music store help me for free, if you are friends with anyone at a music store that does mods/repairs ask for help.

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how much wood burning experience have you had? i mean, do you feel confident enough to do that? i'm not trying to scare you or anything, i just think it would help to know if you are skilled enough.
They do woodburning a lot in furniture making. The grain marks usually burn first along with burning darker.

I do believe I have seen this done before.

I think it would be best to burn it first, using a blowtorch. Then fill the grain. Grain filler is rather flammable, so I don't think it would be good to apply it before you try to burn it.
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