What is music theory... is it like being able to read sheet music or what?
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Music theory wow.. thats like asking what the universe is made up of, theres alot of answers.

But in my opinion music theory is...

The key/style music is played in... it isnt about reading sheet music....because i cant read sheet music, i can only read tabs.

If you want to learn theory the best place would probabbly be this place, shows every guitar scale, mode and key.
music theory explains why and how music works.

For example, why is the chord C Major the way it is?
Why does that scale sound that way?
How do chords work?

and so on.
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the lessons section on here is a good place to start.

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Music theory is why music sounds the way it does. It's why and how notes connect, sound good together, and interact. It's the secret to understanding why music is what it is.