ive been playing guitar for just under 2 years, and all of a sudden im not getting any better at guitar. its really frustrating becasue i try to learn things, and the more i play them the worse i get. i try stopping and trying again later, but i just end up sounding worse than i did before. things like sweep picking justreally get on my nerves because no matter how many times i play something, i NEVER get any better. is it just me or does anyone else have this problem? im hoping soon ill break out of this annoyng stage in learning guitar and hopefully learning will become easy again. do you guys have any tips to stay out of the learning ruts im stuck in?!?! its driving me CRAZY
i can't learn anything like sweep picking and a whole bunch of other stuff.

it's truly annoying.
Don't play for a few days, and you'll be refreshed. Don't give up, nothing comes easy to most of us.
all right, maybe im concentrating too hard on getting better. maybe i should just play more for fun and see what happens. after all, im not being forced to get better
Same thing happend to me with barre chords. (What a living hell those were) I thought barre chords were the anti-christ, I hated them that much, but I did a little thing called practice and devoted myself to learning it and became comfertable with it. The same should be appilied with what you're trying to learn. Or there is always taking lessons, no matter how you look at it lessons will always make you a better guitarist.
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I agree with what's been said...this happens to me every once and a while, at which point I just say "screw it" to trying to learn anything new or to actual practice for a couple days (no more then 3 or 4 though) and just spend my guitar time playing songs and not focusing on improving technique. When you finally go back to real practice a few days later, you'll probably have a new perspective, or at least refreshed and with more motivation to learn and get better, mainly (at least with me) because you get frustrated with the limits you discovered you had when you were just goofing off. It's a never ending cycle. And I love it.
Man, just jam. Screw the "oh im not getting better wahh" attitude and play your instrument the way you want to play it....and stuff happens
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thanks guys, you're right i should probably stick to having fun not freaking out over getting better.
o dude dont worry about. i feel im not getting any better but sometimes you just gotta wait for that click and you'll be able to do it. just play for fun and every once and a while try to alternate pick. eventually you'll find a better technique to use and you'll be able to do it. don't try so hard. thats why your not getting anywhere. just relaxe and enjoy it man
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all right, i guess im just rishing it, and im too impatient. thats gonna get me nowhere though...
change the style you are playing or something. or change from rythem guitar to lead guitar. or try to get a band together. Being in a band helped me out and opened up everything for me. Plus your other band mates can really inspire you