I was wondering what you guys would reccomend for making recordings onto my MacBook Pro. I was gonna use GarageBand with a mic running through a M-Audio Fast Track Guitar/Mic Interface. BUt I was wondering about other possibilites that won't cost a fortune.
That sounds pretty good to me ^^ creating mp3s from GarageBand is a pain though. You'll have to export it to iTunes, then burn that to a cd, then load that back on to ur computer, then use Audacity or something like that to convert it to mp3. (if you don't burn it, its like locked or something stupid)
You're dumb, garage band has a built in export to itunes feature that sends it to itunes as an AIFF, from there just go to the advanced drop down menu and hit "convert selection to mp3" it's quite convinient. As for the rest of garage band i can take it or leave it. It seems to be a decent recording software but it does not feature a lot of useful tools.
Garage band is teh pwn.
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that sounds fine. I'm going to go even cheaper with my mac. I'm just going to buy a mixer and plug it in. For now I just plug my korg ax3000 (I think thats what its called) directly.

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Yea, that should be fine. Garageband really isn't that bad when it comes down to it.
If you're a student you'd be surprised what discounts you can get off Logic Pro though. I managed to get hold of a copy for £278. Bargain for something that retails at £799.
I use Mackie Tracktion and a Presonus Firebox with my Mac.
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