Alright, I'm on a Primus kick, so all of you Claypool fans, try to help me out. If you have Five Gallons of Diesel, I'm trying to perfect the C2B3 Opening Jam riff. I though I had it, but it turns out there are more muted slaps than I remembered.

   p   s  p s s

The slap on the 3rd fret is more of a mute really.

But I went back and watched it again and there are 4 or 5 slaps on the lower 2 strings. So now I have no idea how to play it. Any of you talented bastards have the DVD and can help me figure it out? I think I have the basic gist of it down, but I just need help with putting the mutes in the right places. All I need to figure out is his part up until the rest of the band jumps in.

[Edit]: I tried to work it out, this is what I came up with, sounds kinda right.

   p    s  s s p  s  s

It's still off, but it's an improvement, but definitely a bit closer. All slaps are kind of muted.
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