Verse 1
I was just looking back at some times
The times that i used to have with you
Thinking of how good it was to be with you
You were my first girlfriend
I thought we would last until the end
But no you had to go and lie
You just had to see some other guy

I thought you were the one for me
but it turns out you were fake
you can never come back into my heart
cause you lied to me and it hurt me so bad
i can't forgive you for that
when you lied to me and told me that you would stay true
stay true to me

Verse 2
now how foolish could i be
if i went back to you
when you said you were sorry
and how dumb can you be
to hurt someone you say that you love
well i really did love you but not anymore
cause you will never change
you'll always be the same
there's nothing that i can do to help you out


You can't see the things you've done to me
cause your so worried about yourself
you say your sorry so many times
but say it to me this time without the lies
cause it's hard to know when your telling the truth
and even if your sorry i just can't forgive you
you should of thought of this before you ran off with another guy