Ok here it is...my first fully acoustic song. I hope you like..If you want me to crit a song of yours leave a link..

Lifetime of Sadness

How do I forget you,
your all my memory is,
now I finally realize,
the reason that its over,
you really didnt love me,
you really didnt care,

Just push me aside,
we'll go our seperate ways,
forget about the past,
n' look at the future days,

Now I sit and ask myself,
was it really worth the time,
and if we'd stayed together,
where would we be today,
but I had to make a choice,
and I said it the wrong way,

Slow guitar solo

With you out of my head,
I had time to think,
You would never believe,
what my conscience just told me


There you have it. leave me some crits..peace out

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*clap* good job. All i can say is to ( since it is a song ) increase the length of the writing. The writing though is very good. I look forward to more of your stuff. Keep it up.. Please crit my poem.
Hmm. Hmmm.....


I like it. I mean, when I read "Lifetime of Sadness" I thought "Here we go, another -I cut myself- song..." But I was wrong. This is what they keep striving for and failing. Good job man.