New song, tell me whatcha think. No need to be nice.

There's a place called home which i can no longer go back to.
There's a mental prison which i'm perpetually trapped in.
There's a paradise which i burned the bridge to.
There's a place called hell which i put my self through.

One doesn't know where I found this path I follow,
And you'll never know the pills I've swalloed.
I guess I blame my self for my strife and sorrow,
We'll find out in the end how much time I've borrowed.

That's it, it loops with a bunch of music.
"Emptyness is loneliness and
loneliness is cleanliness and
cleanliness is godliness and
god is empty just like me."

-Smashing Pumpkins, Zero-
If it doesn't rhyme, then I can't comment. It's a slight aversion I have. Seems alright though...