it's a 2x12 full tube (5x12ax7 preamp, 2x6L6(5881) power and 5ar4 rectifier). Switchable class operation (A 15w, A/B 30w). 2 channels, clean (I assume), and overdrive. It also features a tube powered spring reverb. It also has a fan and a variety of speaker output jacks.

BTW, it's $500. Has anyone played with these? I'm considering buying an epiphone now...

I'll be honest, I've never played with epiphone amps before, but it looks like they're getting a fairly large footing in the amp market. Or atleast in the economical market.
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I saw it a while ago, and it looks damn good from all the specs, I'm gonna have to try one if I ever see one.
And cheap too for what it is, but you never know, it might sound like crap....
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If only I could afford it..
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