i am getting a fender squier affinity series fat strat in two months.
and i need to pick out the perfect pickups.
my friend matt said the stock pickups were no good.
he suggested seymour duncans.
now, i need one humbucker and two single coils.
im wondering if anyone can help me choose, or tell me which are bad and which are good.
ive got my eyes set out for some kind of coils that will sound distorted, but still noiseless.
ive come across these: http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_seymour_duncan_sh6_distortion_humbucker_pickup?full_sku=300042%2e002%2e064
and they look pretty promising to me.
the ratings are good, and i like what im hearing in the description.
could anyone help me find good coils for around 200$ total?
preferrably that i could buy at guitar center?
DiMarzio will work for the humbuckers
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What sort of music do you play? How much do you have to spend? What amp do you play through?

In all honesty I wouldn't worry about upgrading the pickups untill you get the guitar and hear it through your amp. You might have a good sounding set in it already.
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my friend matt suggested the same exact ones.

Hot rails are single coil sized humbuckers so if you get two of them and a humbucker at the bridge it will be like having three humbuckers. You wont get the single coil sound.
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People say the hotrails suck and are muddy, didnt DaveMc say that?! lol

Anyway, Iron Maiden use em and ive played em and i like em!
the fact of the matter is, putting all that money into pickups for an affinity series squier is probably not going to do enough good to bother.

The wood isn't great, nor the neck.

what I would do, is take that extra 100 bucks, or more... depending on what you were looking to spend... and put it into your amp fund... and get a better amp than you were planning... because that's where 90% of your sound comes from.

It doesn't matter if you've got an American Deluxe Fender, or a squier, if you're running it through a ten watt POS practice amp.
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Umm, this is offtopic but has anyone tried EMGS in a strat
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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Me, i have the DG-20 set, stunning, would beat most guitars, plays and sounds better than high-end PRS's in my opinion.