Im playing only through my laptop now. No amp.

Im looking to replace the pickups in my rg450. What would be a good choice for a computer setup (notebook, toneport, monitor speakers)?

currently they are v7 and v8's

are these suitable enough or would active pickups be better?

Don't waste your money on new pickups. Get an amp.

And you'll need a pre-amp of some sort to line-in your guitar to your computer's soundcard, or else your soundcard is going to be toast before too long.
did u read my first post about the toneport?

im not buying an amp, i live out of a suitcase.

anybody know much about pickups and computers?
I know that computers are not amps, and getting new pickups would be a waste of money atm.
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Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
find a job, there out there, dont mean to be harsh, get a roof to live under b4 pups
What the?

I travel for work. I have plenty of shelters.

Im asking a question in relation to which pickups produce a better signal for connection to preamps/computers.
o my bad, i thought you were a bum lol..computers i dunno, my jackson sounds similar to my friends guitar through computer, not a big difference i find, amps theres a big difference...i have a small 15 watt modelling amp, and i use M-Audio Jamlab to connect guitar to computer and record..i wouldnt recommend sheling out a hundred+ for amazing pups if your just playin through your laptop..id say the v's will be fine..
Quote by d_byrne23
o my bad, i thought you were a bum lol....

hahaha i wish !

cool will keep the pups and invest in a better notebook port, was getting guitarport mainly for the lessons and tutoring.
if u change pups it wont make much of a difference...hardly noticable....
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i just got jamlab because it was inexpensive, 59 U.S in the states, has software with it too..and a slow down feature so i use it as a metronome to help me build speed and everything, hope ive helped..good luck!