Hey check out the track SongO at http://dudeman.dmusic.com/ Just a improv solo because i was bored and what not. But overall i think its a pretty cool Metalish track. Would be super to have some drums to that. Anyways, just crit!
the future kerry king! good job!
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Good Job man!
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Glad you guys dig it. Damn if i knew how to use BeatCraft correctly i would SO put some drums!
hey man that is pretty cool. I'm not too much of a fan of heavy metal, but that solo did sound pretty cool.

Edit: I don't know if anyone else noticed, but the solo like 2:33 in..the wah kinda part (or sounded like wah), sounded like a Kirk Hammet kinda solo..pretty awsome.
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it took a while to get to the soloing part but at the start it was some cool metal riffs, nice chops, i like your vibratos, you kinda went out of hand, kinda went a bit to quick, id like to see more feeling and itd be great! nice tone, it was pretty sweet for metal man, keep it up
be more careful with the notes you hit, lot of sour ones, though it still is awesome, love the riffage!!
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I really Enjoyed that Javier well done thanks for recomending me to this site...its your Guitar Teacher from MSN :P
That was some good stuff man, I love your tone, its so harsh in a I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass-thrash-metal kind of way. The solo was pretty sweet, specially the ending, is that you playing bass too?
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i can't say i liked it much.the tone was a little harsh and the solo sounds uncontroled like you are hitting any random note you can land on.not trying to insult you,you don't suck,you can do better.
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