Any of you listen to them? Basically just an awesome Blind Guardian ripoff haha but heavier. Blind Guardian's old drummer started the band I think.
I'm not much into power metal but these guys i listen to occasionally
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How could I miss this thread ?????

Persuader + Blind Guardian + Iron Savior = best **** ever.

Dreamland manor will definitely get you dreaming. It's one hell of an album and a power metal masterpiece. For those who like fast "extreme" power metal with semi-harsh vocals with insane melodies than this is definitely for you. They're a must-get.
They remind a lot of BG in the older days which is nice. Good album from what I've heard, I might have to get it sooner or later.
Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
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Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
mir ist kalt...
Ha as far as Im concerned they are interchangeable(spelling) with BG. Which isn't bad at all if your a Blind Guardian. Savage Circus just has more of an edge.
When I first heard Evil Eyes I was greatly disipointed. It sounded WAY to much like blind guardian, which I know was what they are trying to do, But I was hoping they would have their own sound.

After picking up their album though I am quite pleased. I do find are parts they still are tying to hard to sound like BG. But overall it sounds really good. If they had of put a more origanal sounding solo in Waltz of the Demon and not somthing that sounds just like Andre played it this band would have my respec for puttingout some of the best song writting in the gerne sence blind guardian put out imaginations (which still holds as one of my favrate songs ever made).

If they head my way I will definantly go see them, and I hope with their next album they try to be more origanal. I'm sure that if they wernt trying so hard to recreat that sound they would be astounding on every single level.
This is a good band, not exactly like Blind Guardian, but enough to see that they have some major influences. I like going from Hansi's more relaxed vocals to Jens' more harsh vocals. The guitar work is somewhat Andre-esque, but in a way that mixes in other influences as well. Overall I like them, I'd see them.
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