ok so this i guess is tommy's side project called giles. i dunno if this is a joke or w/e. but if i were lookin at it serious i would think it sux, even for techno music it isnt that. oh thats right i forgot to mention ITS TECHNO. yea well its on victory records and i was just wondering if anyone else heard of this and/or knew what it was about?

if you dont know what BTBAM is then u probubly wont understand why i am so amused its techno
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linky? I'm waaaaay to lazy to go look it up myself.
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that isn't techno, don't know what gave you that idea. sounds like some sort of crazy mix of electro/gabber/speedcore and just plain strange experimental stuff, but i haven't really heard anything like it before so i could be wrong. it's very odd. i probably wouldn't mind it but the vocals are bizarre and kind of annoying.

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Well it's just tommy so, you won't be hearing any sweeps or insane bas drums or crazy bass licks. It's basically him and his keyboard. Yeah it's true.

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Yeah I'm pretty sure the bands vocalist isnt really the writter of alot of the technical instrumental guitar parts. What do you expect anyways? Do you think people can only make music from one style?
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