is your voice meant to be a cover of paul Weller's? cause he isnt american. When i saw a jam cover i got really excited because i love them so much... have to say i was quite disapointed. You have decent enough vocals.. just not sure what accent your trying to sing in because it doesnt really work. oh and it may jst be the recording but the guitar sounded a bit naff... way too slow too. Apart from those things its not too bad..although i have pretty much ripped on the whole song.
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yeah you have I feel crap now... no thats my natural voice I didnt try anything I'm Irish not american though one of my best friends is american so maybe I got his acccent

as for the guitar its down a few semitones so maybe you disliked that... I dont think I did it slower but maybe its because I've been listening to the morrissey verion more but thanks for the crit anyway

edit yeah my recording eqipment is somrething I donloaded for free which isnt a good sign and a crappy mic and it would sound better with an actual acoustic guitar isnstead of a crappy copy strat but what can you do the main problem for me was that my voice was just a bit wobbly at times I dont mind accent thoguh thats the way I always talk I'm not going to try and emulate his accent that would be stupid
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