this is a poem i wrote plz crit and tell me if you think it could be a good song

I'm just sitting in my room
Hoping that you will call
It's getting kind of late
But girl i'll wait forever for you
Your on my mind all the time
Your in my heart FOREVER!!!!!!!
I just can't control this feeling
I get in your beautiful eyes everytime i see you
I can't stop thinking about you
Cause everytime i see you
It's like i'm seeing you for the first time
Your beutiful in everyway
If i was with you i'd tell you this everyday
Cuz there's nothing better in my life
Then seeing you happy
I want to be the one that you can talk to anytime
I want to be the one person you love
I want to take you in my arms and show how much i care
But if i hold you i'm just afraid i won't be able to let go
are you 11 years old?
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