I am about to buy a new guitar but i do not know which to choose out of Fender Standard Stratocaster and Fender HSS Standard Stratocaster...Will someone give me some suggestions about which to buy and why? thanks
HSS. you get more tone variaty =D. thats opens you to more styles of play =D
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Well what do you plan on playing and what sound are you looking for?
The humbucker will make it more versatile but the single coils will always give a classic sound.
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i sugest the HSS because its more virsitale (sp?) because you can get a good heavy sound with the humbucker yet the single coil cleans from the middle and neck
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HSS. It is a lot more versitile than the standard SSS strat. You can get almost any tone you want...with the right set of pickups.
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I'm in the same boat but I'm leaning towards the HSS because i read so many reviews of people who got the Standard who wish they had the humbucker.
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I already have a humbucker'd guitar, so I would prefer a standard strat, but it's up to you.
The HSS is more versatile but the Single Coil sounds a like someone else said, is much more classic.
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Well depends for what you wanna play! i mean Strats are heavily underated.... but look at Iron Maiden!! I dont think i've seen them use any form of guitar... every guitarist for maiden uses strats!
I own A HSS Strat...It's great...you still have the middle and neck single coils for your bluesy sound and the humbucker for your rock sound...its a great guitar man so I suggest the HSS
If you want the extra (punch/beef/thump/crunch insert your own adjective here) that a humbucker gives then yeah go for it.

But don't be mislead by those that say it's the best of both worlds because frankly it isn't.

If you want the classic strat sound you should go SSS.