somebody, please, HELP ME!!!!! i want to build a volume pedal but i know not how to obtain such knowledge to complete the task at hand. someone help me!!!!!

P.S. also, how do u wire the dang thing?
Easy thing to do is get a case from a wah like a dunlop crybaby from small bear electronics


also search the forms at http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/ because I know I heard of some talk about volume pedals there.

electronics...its just a 100k Audio taper POT in a volume pedal. some more higher priced units will use LEDs and photo cells and even add gain booster circuits but for a basic volume pedal its easy to make if you have a shell from a wah or something similar.

making the case is not recommended because its just about the hardest thing to do...
If you want it active, just build an EH LPB (google it) and hook the gain up to the pot.
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