I have no clue where to put this, but the songs i have heard sound indie. I just got into George Michaels through Wham.

yes, i know i'm growing more feminine every time i listen to them.

But the guy is quite good, any song suggestions?

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actually his name is George Michael... and well my favorite song is "Careless Whisper" .... if you haven't listened to it yet.... do so now.

also Faith is a very famous one.

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I kind of like "Faith", but other than that.... no, just no.
George Micheal? Of Wham-fame? Wake me up before you go-go?

Careless Whisper! Get that song! I don't know whether to characterize it as softcore porn music or something that sounds like a Kenny G collaboration. Either way, cop that ****.
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i've heard clips of songs that i didn't like, but the only full song i've ever heard by him was a cover of "The Grave" by Don McLean. It was very excellent, though not topping the stunning original.
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