Yeah I realize that is probably a little noobish of a question, but I've never done this before

I planned to start lacquering my newly ("Cowboys From Hell"-themed) painted guitar body tomorrow. I know all about the rule of threes, yes. My dad says that I'll have to lay it down flat, and spray the front, back and sides all separately.

Is that really necessary? Or can I just hang it up and spray it all at once?
i have just recently finished laquering my guitar body, and i didn't really know what i was doing, but found this link (thanks to help on here) and found it very helpful indeed (just the laquering part) hope it helps;


you just need to skip on a couple of pages to get to the laquering section, and i followed it, not exactly, but it gave me a rough idea what i was doing, post some pics when its all shiny

o and btw, i hanged it up in my garage using metal things throught the top two drill holes in the body, and car jack plugs rapped aroung a high beam (if you can imagine that) and sprayed the whole thing in double coats (8 i think, 2 big tins of car laquer if that helps)

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