I have a question about vocal equipment.

I currently use a cheap MTV mic going through a 10w guitar amp.

So my questions are:
1. Is it ok to run a mic through a guitar amp for band practice?

2. I want to buy a new microphone both for recording and just practicing. Can you reccomend me one? I'm looking at shure's right now and I don't care about price point too much. 100 is around where I want to spend or lower though.
1. Yes, provided you don't overdo it and blow the amp, and you don'tmind the shitty quality.

2. I use a Shure SM58, which is a decent mic for vocals. Mine was £69.
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for an amp, using a bass or keyboard amp will usually sound better than using a guitar amp for vocals. not to say theyll sound amazing, but will sound better than a guitar amp.

the shure sm58 is a good live vocal mic, and passable for recording vocals. dynamic mics are better for live vocals (like the shure), but condensors make better recording mics for vocals. condensors are fragile tho, so they dont make good live vocal mics. if you can only afford one, get the sm58 cause it can do live and ok recording. its about $100 on musicians friend as well.
The sm58 is a good choice. It gets used a lot both live and in the studio. It's a mic that will serve you well even when you get additional mics down the road.

As mentioned, running vocals through an amp isn't ideal, but it can work until you can afford a PA.
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