Im thinking of a standard Tokai Love Rock (les paul copy) made in Japan or a Ibanez SZ 720.

I love the tone of Gibson Les Paul and i love playing hard rock.... but i love metal cruching sounds as well.

Well the body, i dont mind..... love strat and LP shape..... so im having trouble choosing.

I own a Ibanez AX but im not really into a SG shape... but the guitar does punch a pack through my multi fx pedals.

Is there anything i should know or consider?? My money is limited.
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My vote goes to the Japanese Love Rock model. Look for at least an LS-100 or maybe even a Reborn. My buddy sold his Custom Shop Gibson LP but will not part with his Tokai.
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an old tokai for sure

i have one and its amazing
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SZ for sure.
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SZ. The two guitars are probably very similar tonally, but double cut-away FTW. And the SZ just looks so much nicer.
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played the SZ the other day.... 5/5 stars!!

yes its a new tokai......

i think SZ takes the cake... its so beautiful.
Guitars... *drools uncontrollably*