a cover of First Date by Blink 182. all guitar work done by me. drums and bass are a backing track. I might try to add some vocals to it later, but I don't know if I can do them well enough. well, give it a listen and let me know what you think. and I'll gladly crit any of your guys' work.

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i like it, oh and for going off to college or whatever its called, try harder on the vocals, it sounds like your not trying, and try a deeper voice or something, sounds like your 12 or something.

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would be better with vocals but the guitar sounds pretty good to me!! good song choice by the way!
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Sounds great man you did a great job it sounds to me.
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Sounds great, I also listened to goin away to colllege and it sounds great as well, the guitars are kinda quiet but its all good, the vocals were great keep it up.
i listened to californication and going away to college was good to, as was first date
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