I just found this song a few days ago and ****ing love it.

I left out the solo, as its just a little fast at points for me, only things i can see wrong is maybe i should have turned the effects off on the rytham guitar, because theres quite a bit of noise, and the drums are about a nanosecond out of time

thanks for listening, i will crit back.

edit: i fixed the timing
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Dude I funking love that song . I first heard it in the Wacken festival video and i got crazed...

LOL jesus tap dancing christ , u cover all my favoritw songs .. dude I love you..
Eraser : The chorus in the beggining sounds very close to the real song but the distortion tone isnt that good and when the midi drums came in you lost track of timming and tempo but that's ok.
Nice playing and nice covering ! btw , what tuning is that song ? i'll try to cover it myself !
Anyway , very nice try mate . keep going !
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yeah the drums are a touch out, and so is changing from clean to distortion.
I had reverb and chorus, which after listening to it a few times, i should have turned at least one of them off.

Ive just manged to play the solo, so will adding it in a few days
Thanks for criting.

Many tabs for the song are in open D, thats what i recorded in, but im pretty sure its in open B.
yeah , I saw the wacken video again and i think they are playing with 7-string guitars so therefore the tuning is : B2 - E3 - A3 - D4 - G4 - B4 - E5 and if they play in 6-strings it is open b like you said. anyway , keep making covers dude , i'd love to see a cover of pursuit of vikings or smth else that cool..!
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.