ok...i just ordere my second guitar an Epi les paul standard plus in honeyburst
and just looking at pictures of les pauls in honeyburst i think its awesome
but.....i fear that those les pauls were honeyburst gibson style.
Someone put me at peace and please tell me gibson honeyburst and epiphone honeyburst are the same!!!
They're probably the same.

Have you tried the guitar out before buying?
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Quote by Cheesepuff
Honeyburst is the same on every guitar the same way as colors are the same on everything.

phew sorry i freaked out there, dont worry im calm!, its just i lost it when i saw that if I typed in Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Honeyburst in Google images it had a few in Vintage sunburst, which is not what i wanted! but i did a little more research and realized my mistake, thanks for the help anyho