All they ever wanted was their sanity
Didn't sign up for your delinquency
Authorities and friends may call your phones
I want your money so sell your homes

We love Jim Jones!

Do you own a ladder can your kids climb trees?
Are you parents senile with no degrees?
Have you gone haywire sold your homes?
The Rev. is asking so noone moans!

We love Jim Jones!

Fly to Guyana, each pick a lemon
I'll sit at home and concoct the venom
Rev. Jones, you a man of God?
Can't believe I bought it with just a nod!

Wonder where Jim Jones could be, he's spent all the cash on LSD! Still loving Jim Jones?
Pretty cool, messt up, and weird. like the topic. and the sarcasm. at least we hope it's sarcasm...

Peace and stay beautiful, WOODnotes
This just reminds me of Zappa's "Bobby Brown"..
I like it, straightforward in-satire, good one!
"What would humans be withouth love?
RARE, said Death"

-Terry Pratchett, 'Sourcery'