i cant make up my mind

i likw guitarport cause it has all those lessons online, but i like the other one cause its smaller, but i wont get the lessons etc.

is the online part of guitarport quite deep, are there many lessons and backings or is it just marketing hype?
Personally, I have a Zoom G2.1U. It gives a nice and realistic tone when played directly into a PC for recording, and it's effects are easy to use and quite nice sounding.

If you feel you need the lessons of the Guitarport, though, get that.

The Zoom just seems a better all round guitar tool, for example it can be plugged directly into a PA at gigs, and has inbuilt EQ and Cabinet simulation etc. Also, the expression pedal is great for control of effects.
perhaps guitarport online is not as good as dvd's? i am getting lessons but want some backup stuff.
I've got the G2.1U, Toneport/Guitarport is more flexible for recording only, but zoom G2.1U will allow you to have a dedicate multi fx and asio recording interface.
which has better quality sound?

g2.1u comes with cubase anyway doesnt it so there is my recording. im mostly worried about the lessons etc of guitarport online.
toneport if all you're doing is recording. zoom if you want a bit of flexibility, you want recording but also the posibility for some pa abuse. line6 has more amp models.
Check out my recordings (listen to the sound, not my playing ability lol). Thats what the Zoom sounds like. Dunno much about the toneport.
that certainly does sound nice !

can i playback through my pc live using the zoom?

i guess i could just read more and watch more instructional dvd's, but it was the backings of the guitarport that really appeals to me.
aaaaaaaagggggggggh i cant decide so im just going to get a roland micro cube for now and some instructional dvd's and the lessons from here of course, then might get the zoom for more effects.

the micro cube is portable anyways.