This year marked the 60th anniversary for Fender, and as always out popped an commerative strat and tele.

The 60th strat has some good specs..check it out here


put this up against a american deluxe strat....it only costs another hundred bucks and you get a different spin on things like the pups and tuning machines etc...

any reason to buy the 60th anniversary strat over the deluxe strat? (Note: based on specs alone...in no way does the fact that its fenders 60th anniversary have anything to do with it)
delta circuit, pickups, bridge, the headstock inlay. but really just try both of the models out and see which one will do you better in the long run cos its all good to have a guitar and like it in the first couple of months only to realise a couple of months later realize how much of a tool you are
I looked on the site for more info about the Delta Tone Circuit but couldn't find anything. What does it do?
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
When the bridge tone control is turned to 10 it 'clicks' and then comes out of circuit so that only the bridge pickup is being played.