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EDIT: Update 8/27/06

I decided to edit this thread due to the PMs I'm getting about the build.

The gear...

Boss GT-8
Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wah
Ibanez TS-9
VooDoo Labs Pedal Power 2
Danelectro Dan-Echo

Possible Future Additions

Digitech JamMan Looper
A.R.T. Tube Preamp/Limiter

The finished product...

Part List and Prices

1. Plywood - 1 4'x4' sheet of 1/2" baltic birch ply - $26
2. Tolex - 36" x 72" - $28.50
3. Hinges - 2 breakaway hinges - $4.95 for the pair
4. Amp Corners - 8 at $0.94 a piece
5. Draw Latches - $8.28 for the pair
6. Rubber Feet - $8 for a set of 8 feet
7. Amp Handle - $5.62
8. Various Screws - $7
9. 3M Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive - 2 cans at $7 a can
10. Tid-bits and shipping - about $15

Carpet - I had some leftover speaker cabinet carpet from a previous build. I got it off of ebay but I can't remember who I bought it from and how much it cost. I know it's pretty cheap though. I also had some industrial velcro (hook side) laying around too, so I didn't have to buy any more.

Total Price for build - around $140 to $150


1. Lowes Hardware (everything not listed below)
2. (Tolex, amp corners and handle)
3. (latches, hinges and feet)

The build...

Test Fit...Ignore the echo pedal and amp channel switch.

The tray section with the sides glued in. The supports for the riser have not been cut or glued yet in this picture, and the piece you see along the back behind the riser is actually part of the lid, I was just checking clearance with this piece.

The I/O panel in the back will be built later. Just after I finished building the pedalboard, my amp blew up. More pics to come.

I hope to also build a dedicated I/O panel to go in the back of the board. I hope to wire it up to be able to switch from the four cable method, dedicated in and effects loop routing. I might even try to build some lighting into the board.
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1. I place the Wah and TS-9 in the GT-8 effects loop. Depending on the setup and amp I use, I either go Guitar-GT8-Wah-TS9-GT8-Amp....or Guitar-GT8-Wah-TS9-Amp-GT8-Amp...this way I can have my actual guitar preamp in the FX loop of the GT8 and I can use it as an effect in itself.

2. The amp I use depends on what's available and what setup I want. Mostly I use a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (it's the only amp I own). But I've used keyboard amps, power amps and other combos as well.

The board will look a lot better once I get the tolex on it. I forgot to mention I'm also using chrome amp corner covers as well.

Here's my old pedalboard...

The board is 40"x20". It's covered with black speaker cabinet carpet and has extruded aluminum channeling around the board. The board lifts out of the case by 2 handles. The case itself is an ATA flight case I bought from Island Cases. I got this because I was thinking about expanding the rig to include a looper (probably the boomarang or the new Boss looper) and maybe a Line6 POD XTL, but I was happy with the GT-8's abilities so decided to dump all of that other stuff. I'm putting this case and board up for sale soon somewhere in $150-$200 range.
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Sorry for the double post...


1. Just received latches, hinges and corner reinforcements in the mail. Still looking for tolex...will probably buy from Stew-Mac.

2. Completed glueing pieces together. This weekend I'll round the corners and glue up the riser. Will also begin laying out wiring for rear patch panel.

Inside dimensions are roughly 28" x 17.5" x 7.25". Riser is 28" x 6", with about 2.5" of space underneath. There will be 3 supports for the riser...two on both ends and one almost in the middle to separate the power routing from the signal routing.

A test fit after rounding the edges and finishing the riser supports.

Test fitting the lid - hardware is on top of the lid.

Just bought the amp corners, tolex and handle from stew mac...should be coming in the mail next week.
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im interested, its very similar5 to my plans, excet im just having like a slope, but similar idea, with a completely removeable lid.

where did you get your latches from?
Here are the pics of the finished exterior...

The front

Next to my Hot Rod Deluxe

I begin work on the interior tomorrow. Still need to finish cutting the riser and covering that and the interior with carpet. More pictures to come later in the week.
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that tolex exterior looks awesome, how hard was it to get it on?
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The tolex is easy to apply, but hard to get right. Every time I do Tolex I feel like I've had the crap kicked out of me the next day. And stretching it out by hand usually means I won't have any fingerprints for about a week. Today I start working on the interior...hope to have it finished soon.
it looks amazing, ill get a gear like that once i get money... but for the mean time my set ups pretty simple
what color is the carpet going to be? tell me red plush please.... hahaha looks really pro, and I actually think that latches+hinges are more useful than all latches, because you could lose the top lid and that could be ****ed up.... although, I would have left more free space in case i got more pedals.

nice build!

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i woulda put more latches on instead of thise hinges so you had a fully removable lid.

The lid is removable - the hinges in the back are lift-off. Check them out here -

And I've had a smaller version of this case for about 5 years, although it's not as nice as this one. The other case was covered with cheap grey carpet that my uncle had to cover his studio monitors like 10 years ago. That case has a lift-off lid as well. I juse used it as a platform for my amp and I'll probably use this lid just like the lid from the smaller case when it's detached.

I have quite a bit of room along the riser at the rear of the case, although the GT-8 gives me pretty much everything I need. I'm an overdrive junkie and like the compression from using a distorted preamp and the internal overdrive sims along with the external TS-9. I was thinking about adding a Digitech JamMan to this setup as well. We'll see.

The carpet is just black speaker cabinet carpet...very good grip with velcro on the pedals. And there's a ton of foam in the lid to protect everything inside...I just tested everything out inside (the riser is not finished and it hasn't been bolted in yet) and everything stayed put with just the foam...I shouldn't have any worries about things sliding around inside. Here's hoping.

More pics to come soon...need more glue for the riser.
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Thats one nice case. What are you going to put in the interior( regular carpet, a carpet with a design or something on it?)
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The case is finished. All I need to do now is finish my custom wiring and fab the in/out panel that is going to be in the back of the case. Everything fits perfectly, and I've got a ton of foam inside the lid to protect everything.

The finished interior...

With everything I have so far inside...the white paper is to prevent the velcro from digging into the carpet. Once that stuff digs in, it doesn't come out without some convincing, and when it does, it usually takes a good portion of the carpet with it.

Hope everyone digs it. I know I will. Hopefully I'll have a chance to test it out at a jam this weekend. If anyone is interested, I'm thinking about making custom order cases. This case cost about $120 to build and took approximately 15 hours to build.
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Wow! I'm amazed. I have to say I was skeptical at first, because I thought you would have had to step over the edge there to use the pedals...but its fine! If you could write up some sort of walkthrough for this that'd be cool. Check out my pedalboard..just look in my posts in my profile, I havn't been on here long.
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That looks great. Definetly one of the best pedalboard setups I've seen.

Not too shappy pedals either.

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Sweet! One nice pedalboard.
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I even tried dressing up as a fly myself, and throwing myself out of the window in the hope that they will follow me. But to no avail.

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we have a Llama forum, and still no drum forum.
wow the only pedal board build out here that looks professionally done
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Hey man, when i get the money together, I am gonna contact you about custom making me one. I was gonna make my own(right now im just using carpeted plywood,lol) but I love what you did. I would want a power strip mounted inside and an I/O. You think you could do that for me?
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I could, but it depends on my school schedule whenever you want to deal. It's not cheap either, my case cost me over $200 in materials alone. Labor will cost you more.

Depending on my school schedule, it could take quite a bit of time to finish the build, and due to cash issues (school and purchasing new gear myself), I'd have to ask for cash up front. Unfortunately, most aren't willing to meet my needs when it comes to me building custom cases and pedalboards these days
hiya mate, i love that pedal board.

how do you find the GT-8? im looking at getting one, but not sure what its like, i havent had a chance to paly one yet. Been run off my feet with shows.
i am really impressed with that. it looks great, definetaly the best diy pedal board i've ever seen. you should find a cheaper, quicker, more efficient way of making those and you could make alot of money on ebay, or even selling them to a local music store. again, great job, im blown away.
Thanks. I was thinking of actually doing a production run of some sort, but the risk involved is tricky. Investing in tools is no problem, since the tools needed to produce these pedalboards in large numbers would be useful in other projects, but the raw materials...eek...if you read my post about the cost of this project, you'd see that materials cost me quite a bit. I haven't done the research to be able to see if bulk rates are available, but if there was enough interest in this board, I could see myself producing units that were about 32"x16" for around the $260-$280 range. I wouldn't be making much profit at that price, but I might be slightly more competitive than most other pre-fab pedalboard builders.
great product man looks real clean
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Awesome, I am in the process of building a board and hope to use this as a basis.
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any luck with the power or I/O stuff yet? starting mine tonight i think. basic for now, but will expand.
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Quote by Y0UNGBL00D
any luck with the power or I/O stuff yet? starting mine tonight i think. basic for now, but will expand.

The signal I/O was completed shortly after the build was posted. Nothing special, just a couple of plexi panels with a lot of jacks and routing options...a basic patch bay. The power is being supplied by a VooDoo Labs Pedal Power 2 unit.
is there any wya i can get a pic of the patch bay and an explanation of the diff routing options? i've seen these boards with several routing jacks and stuff, but i have no experience with them, and i would like my build to be more than a few segregated loops of line in/line out.
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