By Glass pickups, i mean that im looking for pups that are as clean and clear as glass. I was kinda looking for a lot of sustain, note warmth, and clarity, im on a mission to make the ultimate clean guitar rig. I was looking at the dimarzio air norton and such ( as a neck not sure on bridge ) but i dont know if this is a good idea. Any suggestions?
Swineshead Condor for the neck would be great for cleans. I don't know about glassy, but they are very warm and clear. Sustain doesn't have too much to do with a pickup, but I guess compared to the stock pickup, it was an improvement.
You're looking for clear, glassy cleans and you're looking at humbuckers? Hmm...

Try soapbars or single coils. Vintage-style single coils will definitely get you what you're looking for. Soapbars have great cleans, but they're warm, not glassy. Or you can try ordering a set of pickups from Rickenbacker, which would give you really glassy cleans.
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For pure glassy tone, look into some vintage single coils.
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On alot of pickup sites, they have a place where you can actually listen to the pickups, so go to a few picup sites, and listen to see which ones you like best.