Hey guys this is my first post and i'm having a bit of problem. you see, i am quite new to guitar playing, around a year and 3 months, and i'm not sure how to produce feedback on amps, and people tell me to put the guitar pick ups in fornt of the amp speakers, and it dies not work...i have a fender standard strat with humbuckers at bridge position, and for home practices i use a roland cube-30. thanks. pls reply!!! and pls dont flame me for this post!
Turn your amp on. Put it on the distortion channel. Turn the gain up. Turn the volume up. Either fret a note or don't touch the strings (it's easier to get feedback if you don't mute them). Put your guitar near the amp, preferably with your pickups facing the speaker. The key here is a lot of gain and a lot of volume.
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1. You dont have a fender standard strat, you have a fender fat strat
2. Why would you want feedback?
3. If you turn the amp up and put a lot of gain, feedback will be produced.
He might be playing Hendrix or something. Actually, a pretty cool feedback effect is like the one Hendrix does on Foxey Lady. Get your amp nice and loud, to where you're producing feedback. Turn your guitar's volume completely off. Play an F on the G string (10th fret) and use heavy vibrato to keep the note sustaining. While doing that, slowly dial up your guitar's volume. At first you'll hear just the note, but then you'll start to hear it blend with the feedback, until you're getting feedback at that pitch.
Hi, I'm Peter