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11 or under
14 9%
27 17%
39 25%
29 19%
17 11%
14 9%
6 4%
3 2%
0 0%
20 or above
6 4%
Voters: 155.
I was 12.
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sadly i was 20! im 21 now but i have progressed quite well1
2 1/2 years ago now,

so it'll of been 16
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I started playing at 9 and I am 16 now.
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sadly i was 20! im 21 now but i have progressed quite well1

hey, man, I was 22, and I can blow the guitarist in my band out of the water with certain techniques, he's been playing for 8 years now, I've been playing for one!
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13 Like most :F
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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started at 11 played for 1 year and gave up, then started again at 18 and im 19 now
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i was either eleven or twleve when i started, 14, almost fifteen now, and i stil suck... the first year i was playing wasn't very productive, then the second and third years had to be balanced with school work, i'm a nerd
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9 now im 15.


Since music school enrollment at 8, which made me hate anything with six strings through my tweens and teens.
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i believe 12. however old i when the 7th grade started
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started at 11 played for 1 year and gave up, then started again at 18 and im 19 now

^same as me, word for word even the ages (though I might have been 12)
started at 11 but didn't really get into it till about 6 months after, that was nearly 3 years ago
I got my first guitar for xmas when I was ten. The only thing I could play my guitar with was the tuner and my sis's piano books. I had to figure everything out.
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i started playign bass when i was 13, then switched to guitar when i was 14... now i'm 16... i'll just say 13 for the heck of it
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I started playing at 9 and I am 16 now.

7 years and you have a Marshall MG?
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13.. and now im... 14!!!!

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started playing around the age 7, i remember i hated the guitar at that age
I started when I was 10, now I'm 18! I only had lessons for the first 3 years, and took a few years out when I couldn't afford a rig. Still can't afford a decent rig!!
Started technically when i was nine but really started up again when I was 13, now I'm 17.

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14, now 16
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I got my guitar when I was 13, but never really played anything till about half a year ago. So 15.
13, but I'm just now kicking my ass to learn the **** I need to. In a technical sense my teacher says I'm awesome, but my theory knowlege sucks.
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