Hey wanted to get your opinion on this.....The Plain top vs the standard...which is the better choice....i can get the plain top in different colors for 399 while the standard only has the ebony at that price....Also, anyone know how different the Alnico classic humbuckers sound compared to the standard ones? Thanks fellas
go for the plain top it's all mahogany, while the standard is an alder/mahogany sandwich, but the standard is not a bad guitar at all, and some people are prolly gunna say otherwise or say epiphone sucks, but they're pretty good guitars for the price range, my epi LP-100 sounds just as good as my higher end guitars cuase i've upgraded it with new pickups and the works
Go for the Plain top. All mohogany, better pickups, etc. My only problem was I used to think that they were ugly, but I saw one at GC, and I liked it better than the flame tops there. It is not like the picture, just a really plain, boring, fake looking burst, but this one had some decent grain to it.
They both kick ass, its just that the Plain-top has a more "classic" Les Paul sound. Les Paul Classic Quilt-top FTW.