sounds nice...i would check out some ibanez artcores and some semi-hollow epiphones if your want some other option for semi-hollows in that price range.
Ive heard only good about agiles on this forum.
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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That looks nice. Also what is your limit for spending on a guitar? There are some less expensive grestch semi-hollows that are pretty good. Also the epiphones(dot, 335, casino, etc) are good quality compared to the qualities of their les pauls or sgs.
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they had a decent review of this guitar in guitar player.

i really like the look of it. i think the main thing guitar player disliked was that the guitar was a bit noisy. they really didnt seem to enjoy the pickups as much as genuine p90s, so you could easily save up some money for upgraded pickups.