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1 3%
18 51%
line 6
2 6%
electro harmonix
9 26%
0 0%
1 3%
0 0%
or other
4 11%
Voters: 35.
i know this is stupid but which brand is favorite in your eyes?

Digitech,boss,bbe,electro harmonix,mxr,ibanez,line 6,or other?

plz tell your opinion and not of what you heard.
well the only brand i've really ever used was Boss, they're sturdy fairly cheap (well....some of them) and they sound good, that's just my opinion
Well, it depends on the type of pedal. I think Boss makes good distortion pedals, Maxon makes good ODs, I like Ibanez Wah pedals, etc.
^Same here. Different brands for different things. But I voted for EH just because they make some cool pedals with awesome names
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I love to shove Electro-Harmonix in my eyes.
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You'll find it's Which Brand, not witch...
anyways I'd say Line 6
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Gotta be Boss for me. Reliable, consistent tone, built like a tank and not to pricey. I love em. Line 6 stuff is cool for practicing at home but doesnt really stand up to it at volume.
Oh, I like Dunlop for Wah's too !