i have a vox ad50vt, which i bought a few months ,but now i feel that the distortion is not enough, so i need to find ways of getting more gain

so first of all, i was thinking about a overdrive pedal, since many people put those infront of overdriven amps (at least tube ones) to get a heavier sound, so could you guys help me out on what to use, overdrive, distortion, signal booster or any other suggestions

btw the pickups im using for metal is a fast track 2, if you want you could also put settings for the amp, since im still searching for the perfect sound
well, i heard that mode four amp heads have insane gain(i heard their not tube amps)
but pedalwise boss make the metal zone which should cover most gain problems
A) Distortion pedal.
B) New amp.

If you want a distortion pedal, don't go with a MT-2. Get a Marshall GV-2 distortion pedal. You can get a great crunch out of it and I personally love it.
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Buy a DECENT distortion pedal, nothing with metal in its name.
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If the amps not tube it wont overdrive very well with a distortion or OD pedal in fron of it. Try a Boss GE-7 graphic EQ, It'll give you the same sound as youve got but give you more gain. You could try using a compressor, that'll not give you more gain but will give you loads more sustain.
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Buy a DECENT distortion pedal, nothing with metal in its name.

We have a winner!!

Chances are...you really dont need more gain. All those death/grind/black/hate/speed..etc. metal bands that you hear dont use as much gain as you think.
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metal bands that you hear dont use as much gain as you think.

To true, thats more down to volume than anythin else. I play with a totally different sound when I play at home but if you try n turn it up and keep the same settings it sounds terrible. Its a trap far to many guitarists fall into when they first start to gig (myself included ! ! !)
interesting, thanks for the replies, so gi guess what im getting will be a eq pedal, im a noob in gear, but from what i got it just boosts up your amps settings or am i wrong

anyway, im looking at the Boss GE-7, kinda pricey, then i saw the Danelectro DJ14 Fish and Chips 7-Band EQ Pedal, and im looking at getting that one, does someone here have one
I totally agree with that, I mostly keep my gain at 5- 6, but my MXR EQ makes it sound like metal!