lookin for wah pedals on ebay, came across This i was wonderin why its so cheap? is there anything that you see wrong with it? if not i'm gonna bid. i know theres still about 2 days but besides that, why is it so cheap?

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maybe it hasn't been bid up yet, might start going up in the last few hours.
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yeah the thing with ebay is you get at least 5 bids in the last few seconds so the price rises by quite a lot.
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never show people on ug auctions b4 its over
because now tons of ug people will bid on it
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it's the regular GCB-95, the cheapest of the dunlop line. I haven't seen one in white, I thought those were the bass pedals, but it looks legit from the pictures. Considering they are only $70 new, it shouldn't go for that much used. It will go a lot higher than it is now obviously, the last 10 minutes is when everyone bids.
The good thing about that pedal though, if you're handy with a soldering iron, you can really improve it's tone, or make it closer to some of Dunlops artist signature pedals. The 3PDT carling switches are like $10-12 to make it true bypass. Caps and resistors are pennies.
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yeah i saw a left handed gibson les pail for 100 bucks for 3 days in the last hour it went up to 2,000