these guys are an amazing band and unfortunately there are no tabs for them. It would be a great help if someone could tab out this song or any other song from them. Thanks!
Running away from this earth.
May it pass away in the beautiful flames that it was created for.
Because when tomorrow fails to come,
today is just not the same.
Inflamed earth.
In this hope.
For all i care set it all ablaze.

i agree. they are so amazing. we should start pestering people by putting more request threads in tab talk.

i tabbed out a bit of track 2 on their cd. all the same: all different. its not good but its alright got the good riff down good.
somebody has got to tab this band. its pissing me off that no body will even reply to anything about this band and try them out
I got around to learning the intro rhythm

something like


The leads are an octave higher, switched around a bit.

and the rhythm chords are dropped power chords primarilly at 0 and 3.

Good luck with the rest.