hey guys im looking for some new picups to through on my mexican standard strat. Im just looking for something with a little more bite on it, and for better tones on the pickups bellow the neck. Are the tex mex picups good, texas specials?
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I do play strats, and I switched my pickups to DiMarzio HS series. They are very nice, great outpout and yet noise canceling.
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I have a deluxe mexican strat with 2 texmex humbuckers. I think they sound great, with or without distortion
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I love the texas specials in my Strat. I've never tried the tex mex, but people have told me they are very close to the Texas Specials. I like the cleans, and I really love the extra bite you can get with them. I made some clips using the texas specials on the clean and crunch channels of my amps. I also have one clip using the neck for lead. PM me, and I'll send you a link with the clips and what position/amp/channel I used.
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