If you only had about 1000 bucks to spend on a guitar, what would you get and why?
Id get the guitar i already have, the espltd ec 2005, i kicks ass if you like playin metal like i do and all that for £779 of our english pounds.
a japanese fender jaguar
maybe if theres extra money, new pickups, or locking tuners, or a paint job
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An American Strat, because it's an upgrade from my crappy MIM model that has an unrepairable bridge pickup tone knob.
get the best ESP u can. if u still got money left just get a custom paintjob or something, the guitar will be good enough as it is.
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hmm, i would go used. right now, im looking at a abss that is normally 1400 new, and its 500 right now. so that.

but guitarwise, an X40 pro and with the cash left over, but some V 30's
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A parker Pm 20, just bought one and Ive got to say it is the best thing ever. Ive never had it go out of tune since I bought it. Warm lush clean sounds, better than a les paul, and great distortion. Also has coil tapping for my chili peppers stuff. Fast neck and damn sexy. Best thing Ive ever bought.
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An american series Fender is probably the best quality under 1,000....but it may not be the best for YOU.
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its all preferance really.. for me.. i would proly go with an epiphone explorer.. cause it suits me alot.. and i like the feel of them.. heavy at the bottom lighter at the top..
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Schecter i guess lol
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ESP/LTD EX-400 with 60/81 pups oh god i orgasm even LOOKING at this thing and I am not a guy that gets stuff for looks.
Id go for an American Strat or Tele, or maybe an Epi LP Black Beauty. Depends on what you play.
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Squier Jagmaster, just because I could get the parts and turn it into a fender jaguar and modify the pickups cheaper than to buy an actual fender jaguar
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Squier Jagmaster, just because I could get the parts and turn it into a fender jaguar and modify the pickups cheaper than to buy an actual fender jaguar

Minus you know, wood quality, If I had a grand I would buy a guitar I didn't have to modify to death to get a good tone.

I'd by a high end Washburn. They aren't themost common thing in the world but they are awesome.
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A good schecter
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Definetly a G&l of some kind.
Or a prestige SZ.
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good schecter is the obviuos choice
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Warmoth Mustang OR Jag, and buy Vintage parts on Ebay.
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Probably a low end Carvin.
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EDIT: Oh yeah, and a Carved-Top series headstock. Don't care too much for their 6-inline headstocks.
A very nice Schecter I think most or all are under 1000 USD Im waitn for the Syn Custom =D maybe lol or the new C1 FR looks beautiful
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I need a new guitar