I'm joining the school's jazz band this year and I have a feeling showing up with a Dean or Ibanez won't give them the tone they're looking for. >_>

Does anyone here know what a good jazz guitar is? Right now I've got about $300, but I can earn more money by the end of August to get one.
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Ummm....Fender do the best for that kinda music...especially the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar! Strats are pretty good too!
Agile has a few semi hollow bodies, a les paul is smooth toned, schecter classic, and all of fenders gutiars. This is a broad generalization but, most guitars with single coil pickups or chrome humbucker covers are lower output and smoother toned. The pickup cover sheilds it but cuts back on some of the output as a downside.
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ibanez artcore series are pretty good for that, but id suggest you try them out for yourself just in case you think otherwise
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Yeah, for the best all around sound i would go with a good Fender Stratocaster, or an Epiphone Les Paul, if you are in junior high, it really doesn't matter that much. Just don't show up with a squier, have an amp with good, but tasteful, distortion, and you'll do fine.

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i think hagstrom has some very nice jazz guitars
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i think hagstrom has some very nice jazz guitars

true^^ they are swedish also
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