I am putting in led inlays on my cheap crap guitar and I already have the fretboard taken off and a 5 mm led sticks out of the fretboard. Any sugestions for what to do? would a 3mm led look good?
wait led like LED the light up stuff thats what you want to put on youre fretboard? sounds cool
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3mm will do. If they're bright enough, you won't notice the difference, cause you'll be blind.
These go to eleven...
Uhh...this might be redundant, but did you put resistors in the circuit? Because depending on your wiring, you are probably using batteries placed in a cavity, you don't want your led lights to blow up.
i've been wantin to do this....wasn't there a thread on it before or somethin? i'd like to know how to do it

EDIT: nvm, i found a pretty cool place if you're willing to pay a bit.... www.simscustom.com
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Led inlays would be quite heavy.
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I wanna see a PRS's diving bird inlays turned into leds..... WiLd....
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