Hi everyone. I am really interested in buying a Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet. I have my eye on that, but I need a head to go with it. M.B. amp heads are pretty expensive, however. This setup was inspired by Metallica, as I am a fanboy of theirs and really like their sound. I don't need or really even want to duplicate it, but I need a head that will deliver a really hot metal sound. As for cleans, I'm not terribly concerned - just something that will play loud and clear. What would be a good mate for this cabinet? Any input is appreciated. Thanks
You might want to check out the Carvin V3, you can dial in a metallica sound in seconds.
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I don't know how much you have to spend, or what's available where you are, but I've heard clips from the Genz Benz El Diablo that sounded great. Crunchmeister on this forum has one, and he has some great clips. He's got a metallica tribute band, "Sad but True", so he probably picked that amp for a reason. You should PM him for some clips, it really sounds excellent.
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Well a Mesa would probably give you the sound you want...especially if youre working with a Mesa cab. Check eBay for Dual/Triple Recto if you want loud and clean. The Peavey XXX is sort of like a Recto, but a lot less expensive.
Maybe a Marshall JCM 800/900. Metallica uses the JCM 800 for cleans. Also try some used MBs.

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Thanks for the info, guys. I forgot to mention one thing, though. This is from the item's description:
"half open/closed back 4 x 12 speaker cabinet with 90 watt black shadow speakers. This is a very powerful and clear sounding cabinet. The top 2 speakers having the open back gives the clarity, while the bottom 2 closed speakers give it great depth."

With that in mind, what should I know before buying an amp head in terms of its wattage? I would hate to damage the speakers (or never reach their full potential) by buying something that was over/underpowered!

Begin edit: In addition to the wattage question, there is the matter of impedence. I am not sure what impedence is exactly, but from the stickies in this forum, it is important to match impedences with your head and cabinet. Unfortunately, none of the stuff I'm looking at has any impedence information. Is this easy (or possible) to modify?
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