This one


this one

My 5 watt "REX" tube amp finally blew a tube or something, I can't hear it turned at mid level and it sounds horrible when I turn it up enough to where I can.

I might have to get the lower wattage versions of each of those, depends on how much money my father is willing to spring for it. Thanks all.
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MG50DFX! yeah, get tht!

i of course am lying

cube all the way
I feel a wave of annoying MG SUX0 coming on.
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Alright. The roland it is. I may have to get the cube 30 instead due to money, but I'll find out tomorrow. (I can't wait for it, I am part of my youth group's band now, yay.)

Thanks all.
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Hahaha I love when someone asks if they should get an MG on this forum. Its like walking into a church in Vatican city and proclaiming that god doesn't exsist.
i have an mg50dfx....it sucks
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roland, but if your tube amp just blew a tube thats pretty easy to fix, of course you should probably get a bigger amp anyway.
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Play them both and get which one you think sounds better.
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Are you serioius?...Roland will piss all over it.
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Play them both and get which one you think sounds better.

Yeah, listen to him.

It's all personal preference. Go plug them both in, and see which one you think sounds better.
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yea go roland dude FX woot *dances*
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