I decided to re-record this one after a long break from playing it. I guess I have about a full years experience of playing guitar over the last time i tried to record it, so this version is muuuuuch better. Two things you should all be aware of:

1.) I played this with a floyd rose in drop d tuning. i was too lazy to switch it back to standard so i had to adjust the notes and play it in drop d, which was not easy, but it turned out to sound the same.

2.) I only have 22 frets on my guitar so the very last note (the big bend on 24th fret) is really me bending up the 15th fret on the B string, then fudging it with my whammy pedal to make it sound an octave higher. It sounds a bit wonky, but whatever.

I also used two different guitar tones to mimic marty and dave playing, but marty's tone is a bit squeaky. Anyways, here's the link: http://j0nnybrav0.dmusic.com Please leave feedback. I'll crit whatever you want in return. Enjoy!
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
sounds pretty good, some of the leads were a little sloppy, butt still sounded good
good job

i loved it!! solos were awesome!!

loved the tone, the later solos were a bit sketchy""

keep up the good work!!
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Production was not that good....the tone is kinda cool, but, as I said, it lacks production.

Solos were kinda different, some mistakes here and there, but cool anyway.

Friedman's solos after the middle of the song were very good man, but the rythm was kinda strange to me.Mustaine's solos were kinda strange though.

Hm.Goog cover overall, needs better production.
thanks for the replies. i record everything with a webcam mic, so its not going to sound as good as a CD or anything. plus ive heard worse quality stuff on here. and the rhythm sounds off because its quite impossible to play this song in drop d tuning. ur fingers trip over eachother. marty's solos are actually a sh*t load harder to play, so im glad they sound good. mustaine's might sound strange because of the tone i chose, but the notes are all pretty much correct. i think i might buy a new mic soon so i can record stuff a bit better. anythings better than my webcam... thanks again!
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
why the hell are you playing it in drop D?????????? the rose dude, nvm, that things a pain in the ass haha

on the second rhythm, you didn't do the slides properly, the harmony part was good, but went out of time after a bit.

notice the dissonance at 2:39, thats cause your playing it wrong

all the solos sound good, not all match exactly, but are very close, and your a very good guitarist, just some sloppy stuff

8/10 good work
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I thought it sounded pretty good. I like the tone. Towards the end, the solos started getting a little more sloppier. It's all good though, good job.
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hey for the last big bend use an artificial harmonic at 17th fret B and bend up to 19 it will be an octave higher and u will hit the note, but u wont be able to tremolo pick it, only downside

not bad not bad... only thing is that u shouldnt palm mute the open D so much on the main riff i can barely hear it

and also did u do the whole song in one take or like parts of it spliced together? just wondering
if i could record this all in one take, i would kick shaun drover in the balls and join megadeth myself. besides, there are multiple guitars layered on top of eachother, so its impossible to do it in one take. if i were to play this live, i can get up to the part where it goes insane pretty easily, but the rest of the song is quite difficult to play, so i'd end up improvising most of it i guess.
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
I didn't care for that really mid heavy rhythm tone, but that's just me. The tone that you used for Marty's solos was great man, I loved it. The solos were played real well man. Sounded great man. Couldn't really find any major errors, a little sloppy maybe, but hey this stuff is pretty difficult.

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