I've been playing Ibanez's for years now, my first guitar was an SA and i've stuck with them ever since. I'm looking for a new guitar and i'm getting sick of the neck's on Ibanez's so i'm thinking Fender because i'm a fan of versatility but i know absolutely nothing about Fender.

Basically could someone just give some tips on what to go for e.g. does being a USA made guitar really make a difference nowadays? Any versions to avoid?

I was thinking of a fat strat or a standard i'm not really into jaguars, mustangs, and all they're other models it's mainly the stratocaster that i'm after.

Cheers for your help!
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Fender Fat strat with a powerfull humbicker in the bridge and a varm singlecoil in the neck is a very versatile guitar. But if you want a really sweet strat Try the Eric Clapton signature. It's expensive, but worth every penny! It's the only strat I have ever played that sounded good. Don't bother with the USA made models. They have paper sounds and not enough output for hard rock.

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well i would suggest getting an american but i have a mexican strat and i love it. doesnt bother me that its MIM still plays amazing and is 300-500 dollars cheaper
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if ur going for a strat why are u even asking? also, american made guitars aren't better than other guitars, they just tend to be more expensive. well...

stratocaster - versatile, nice cleans and sounds good with distortion but doesn't have that metal sound.

telecaster - great (if not best) cleans with a 'twangy' sound, good for country especially, u can get one with humbuckers and it'll sound good with distortion, otherwise it won't sound so strong

jaguar - personally i think it's more versatile than the strat, has individual pickup selectors, a switch for eleminating bass, has nice cleans and sounds good with distortion as well, also, not a lot of people use them so it'll be nice to have something more original

mustang - can't help u there...but like the jaguar, not a lot of people use them.
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if you want a really sweet strat Try the Eric Clapton signature. It's expensive, but worth every penny!

The Eric Johnson Strat is way better and I believe it's roughly the same price.
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I love my nashville tele. I has a strat pickup in the middle, as well as the traditional tele configuration. Also, all the pickups are overwound, so it sounds good distorted up to a maiden-ish level.
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